Prof. Dato' Sri Dr. Syed Arabi Idid
“We are experts in figuring out the Who, the What, the Where, the When, the How & the Why, analysing data, trends, perception and attitudes. We know how to speak the language and ask the right questions and more importantly, we can understand the answers.”
Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Syed Arabi Idid

KAJIDATApronouned as ka-ji [kahjeecaagee] da-ta [dey-tuhdatuhdah-tuh] is a Market Research company specialising in Public, Commercial and Socio-Politics Intelligence. it is our mission to see beyond data and unearth actionable insights.

Based in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, KAJIDATA is a group of highly dedicated and qualified individuals providing quality, unbiased and untampered analysis on data acquired from the general public. 

KAJIDATA was establish on these foundations. It is these pillars that define the parameters and boundary in which KAJIDATA operates and excels.


We strive to maintain professional standards of practice and ethics to ensure you get real information, real time.


Independent acquisition, interpretation and analysis of data obtained from the general public to form unbiased conclusions.


From data acquisition to report generation, we pride ourselves for having the ability to meet and exceed the time expectation.


KAJIDATA conducts Intelligence Gathering & Analysis on an ad-hoc basisone-time survey and a longitudinal basisa sustained campaign containing two or more targeted surveys. KAJIDATA will design and implement Intelligence Gathering according to various methodologies, before Analysing the raw data acquired to develop meaningful interpretation, indicators and statistics.

Analytics & Reporting


Research Consultancy
Data Collection
Social Monitoring &Listening
Data Support


KAJIDATA acquires qualitative and quantitative data through systematic gathering, recording, monitoring and analysis using proven methodologies and technology.

Location Survey

Location based surveys.

Focus Group

Focus Group Research

Mobile Survey

Surveys via Mobile App


Automated Voice Dipstick Polling

Web Survey

Web surveys


Computer Assisted Interview